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Since its founding, our law firm has successfully provided legal assistance to individuals, businesses and institutional clients. We always strive to achieve the highest ethical and professional standards. Our belief in integrity and high quality of legal work is a guiding principle for our team of lawyers. Thanks to these values, our eficiency and professionalism, we have won the trust and loyalty of numerous clients who have recommended us further. We are also proud of the high ratio of cases we have successfully litigated in courts but also those we have been able to resolve as mediators. We understand our strengths but also continuously strive to improve legal expertise through training and interdisciplinary cooperation. In our daily work we are very precise, respect our customers' time and financial resources. Above all, we firmly believe that being a lawyer is both a job and a mission as we continue to serve our clients both in Poland and internationally. That's one of the reasons why we provide bi-lingual services in both Polish and English.

Starting in 2017 our firm closely cooperates with Yesterday Translations, a fast growing Polish-English legal, business and finance translation agency. Their unique TRANSLATION AS A PRODUCT philosophy enables Clients to make payments via PayPal in USD, GBP, EUR and PLN, and to order translations certified with a digital signature directly to their email inbox. We keep their process plain and simple for clients convenience and the team of lawyer-linguists guarantees the highest quality and confidentiality of specialized language services.

We also cooperate with Peter Rorbach who leads practice in Bochnia. 



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